Maximize Appearance. Minimize Maintenance.

Why Choose SilTanium?

Floors. They’re the one feature seen by every single person who enters your lobby, conference room, offices, service areas or restrooms. Floors can be your building’s best feature, or worst. They can be easy to maintain, or a nightmare. Whether your floors are tile and grout, terrazzo, polished concrete or vinyl composition tile, SilTanium Corporation’s knowledgeable sales representatives and qualified Alliance Partners can turn them into features that will impress visitors and reflect well on you.

Tile and Grout

SilTanium on porcelain tile, Hospital

For tile and grout, our systems, products and processes do it all. First, GrouTanium®, our flagship coating system for tile and grout, uses ColorBond™ With Intersept® to uniformly color existing grout lines. Then, SilTanium®, a permanent clear coating, seals to offer total protection while improving both appearance and serviceability. When zero VOCs, fast dry and matte finish are desired, the best choice is ColorBond Supreme™, which combines ColorBond with the clear-coat protection of SilTanium Supreme™. When a clear coat is not desired or not affordable, ColorBond offers a colored grout sealer that makes cleaning a breeze. Our processes and products will not only seal and beautify your floors, but will make them anti-slip and anti-microbial.
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Terrazzo & Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete with dye, EMS

For terrazzo and polished concrete that is safe and easy to maintain, the choice is SilTanium’s Diamond Floor Enhancement System (DFE) with SentryHard and SentryGuard hardener and coating. Eliminating the cost of floor finish, our DFE system polishes and refines substrates, leaving floors glossy, light-reflective, slip-resistant and easy to clean.
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Vinyl Composition Tile

SilTanium Supreme-V, University

If stripping, waxing and burnishing vinyl composition tile have become too costly, our laborsaving, odor-free SilTanium Supreme process for vinyl is the answer. The floor will be dry in 15 minutes, burnished in 30 minutes and worry-free after two coats.
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