SentryGuard and SentryHard

Perfectly Paired for Hardness and Protection

When polished concrete or terrazzo needs to be strong within, the easy choice is SentryHard. Top it off with SentryGuard and staining is eliminated, coefficient of friction creates an anti-slip safety zone and a hard, high gloss finish is attained. Used together, SentryGuard and SentryHard provide the strongest cross-link in the business.

sg_sh_001SentryHard penetrates into the substrate surface to harden at a molecular level. A chemical reaction between the SentryHard and the substrate provides excellent abrasion resistance. There is no need to brush into the surface or rinse after application. SentryHard is water-based and ready to use without mixing.

SentryGuard is a unique hybrid formula that both penetrates and film-forms to provide the maximum bond and protection. The environmentally friendly formula protects against most staining agents. The film is breathable for improved durability in moist environments. SentryGuard can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The dual action of SentryGuard and SentryHard provides a perfect solution for schools, universities, malls, grocery stores, warehouses and all high-traffic environments.