Restore Floors Without Regrouting or Retiling

When you want optimum rejuvenation with minimum expense, GrouTanium® by SilTanium Corporation is the convenient, cost-effective solution for keeping grout looking clean. Universities, hospitals, schools, upscale office buildings, restaurants, grocery stores and government facilities are opting for GrouTanium to avoid the expense of retiling or regrouting their floors.

Siltanium-Photos-from-Scott-001Even in restrooms, locker rooms and other places where ugly, discolored or smelly grout is an issue, GrouTanium quickly restores the appearance and integrity of grout lines, making floors look like new. The process not only eliminates the expense and inconvenience of replacing the grout, but also helps waterproof the floor and greatly reduces the need for future maintenance.

GrouTanium incorporates the benefits of SilTanium’s Permanent Protective Barrier to protect grout lines against the toughest cleaning chemicals – even bleach. So complete is the remedy that no annual or semiannual coating refurbishment contracts are even needed.

SilTanium offers GrouTanium in a variety of stock colors, with custom colors also available. As the developer, manufacturer and distributor of the product, we exercise total control over each project – from intensive preparatory grout cleaning and floor cleaning through completed application.