Date: 7/2016

Building on its success in the tile and concrete markets, SilTanium Corporation has introduced SilTanium Supreme for VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile).

This coating is a hybrid that melds penetrating and film-forming technologies. Fast-dry, ultra hard, and stain-proof, this SilTanium branded product offers economic sustainability plus a saving of 50 percent or more on maintenance.

SilTanium Supreme for VCT eliminates the need for top-scrubbing and re-coating, as well as stripping and waxing and minimizes burnishing.

Working with its Alliance partners, SilTanium Corporation performs the initial installation to make sure it is perfect. From then on, the client’s custodial staff can maintain the floor until replacement is necessary. Yearly maintenance is simple and, when needed, SilTanium will sell Refresh topcoat materials directly to the client’s on-site staff.

To learn more about SilTanium Supreme for VCT, contact your sales and service representative. If you do not yet have a representative, please call 770.387.2728 or email [email protected].