The DSE Process (Deep Scrub and Extract), was completed on four floors in Pulte’s Class-A office space. Cleaning included restrooms, corridors and lobbies. This project was not a run of the mill cleaning. It was the first time a tile and grout expert cleaned the floors.

The tile was large 24-inch by 24-inch flat porcelain. Porcelain does not absorb moisture but it is porous. The pores will hold soil and cleaning chemical residue. Much like a white car, you cannot see how much soil is in the surface until it is deeply cleaned.

After two-days of testing and processing, it was determined that SSRefresh, the degreasing chemistry used on petroleum-based oils, was the best candidate to gently remove the impregnated soil without opening the surface which occurs with most acid cleaners.

The floor must remain wet at all times from chemical application, to scrubbing with maroon pads to extraction, rinsing and extraction. It is quite a process and takes a good deal more time than a normal scrub and extraction clean. However, the end result is perfect.

To learn more about DSE and SSRefresh for cleaning porcelain, contact your sales and service representative. If you do not yet have a representative, please call 770.387.2728 or email [email protected].