Date: 6/26/2017

Sonoraville High School’s busiest corridor handles traffic from bus pick-up and loading. This busy area is now the subject of a year-long test of SilTanium Supreme-V.

After stripping the finish from approximately 1,000 square feet of VCT, SilTanium Corporation then applied one coat of DieHard floor finish and four coats of SilTanium Supreme-V. The floor finish undercoat bolstering the depth of shine accomplished the mission.

The original white color of the VCT now is clearly apparent, and it took less time to install all four coats of SilTanium Supreme-V than to install one coat of floor finish and allow it to dry. The effective coverage rate of SilTanium Supreme-V was 12,000 feet per coat!  This means the entire trial used just over one quart of SilTanium Supreme-V.

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