When Georgia Tech expanded use of SilTanium Supreme-V to its Ford Environmental Science and Technology building, we applied four coats of Supreme-V to freshly stripped VCT on a lower-level floor. This floor gets a lot of abuse, as the main loading dock serves several buildings through a network of inter-building tunnels. Durability is a requirement in this environment and SilTanium Supreme-V will meet the challenge.

After the excellent, in-house, Georgia Tech floor-care professionals removed the existing floor finish, SilTanium Corporation trained staff to properly install SilTanium Supreme-V.  The trainees were surprised at how easily SilTanium Supreme-V goes down. The fast-dry benefits allowed them to start the next coat immediately after completing approximately 1,200 square feet. Most importantly, SilTanium Supreme-V is so thin that any contaminate, such as hair, does not become imbedded into the body of the coating, but comes right off after burnishing.

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