In June, East Carolina University initiated SilTanium Supreme-V testing in Legacy Hall.

The halls received the full process of floor finish removal and the application of one coat of DieHard high-solids floor finish and burnish. Then, we applied two coats of SilTanium Supreme-V and burnish before repeating the process with two final coats of SilTanium Supreme-V and a final burnish. This process produces maximum shine and coating depth.

Resident rooms were simply stripped and four coats of SilTanium Supreme-V were applied and not burnished.

The plan is for maximum protection in the rooms and maximum protection and aesthetics in the halls.  Both outcomes have been well received and another test is under way at a major university campus.

To learn more about SilTanium Supreme for VCT, contact your sales and service representative Don Murphy at 704.708.6345 or email to [email protected].