Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn. has completed initial testing of SilTanium Supreme-V in a high-traffic hall beside the ICU. Sodexo, manager of the hospital’s environmental services, approved the performance of Supreme-V, which was applied over a coat of DieHard Floor Finish. No soil permeated the surface, and the coefficient of friction remained higher than the adjacent floor finish. Burnishing with a diamond pad left the shine as great as the day the coating was installed. Supreme-V reduces maintenance costs while maintaining the high gloss required on VCT.

The Erlanger test and evaluation prove again that SilTanium Supreme-V delivers both cost savings and exceptional appearance. The innovative technology gives Sodexo a competitive advantage over its competition in the maintenance of resilient flooring in hospitals — one of the costliest components of Sodexo’s service package.

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