SilTanium Corporation has assisted RD Weis in developing a solution to a Nora flooring product on a ramp in a hospital. The issue was that the area does not conform to the customer’s expectation on coefficient of friction and there may be an increased potential of a slip-fall. 

Samples of the product in question were sent to the R&D lab at SilTanium Corporation in Georgia where we performed tests using the latest Bott 3000E static coefficient of friction testing unit. We tested as-is as well as and coated, both wet and dry. The results demonstrated that SilTanium Supreme-V as an easy-to-maintain coating that, when applied directly to the surface of the tile, increased the coefficient of friction 16% to 38%.

  Dry- With Grain Dry- Against Grain Wet- With Grain Wet- Against Grain
Sample Type        
Uncoated Tile 0.67 0.81 0.52 0.56
SilTanium Supreme- V 2 coats 0.88 0.96 0.76 0.90

This is another example of how a perfect partnership between RD Weis and SilTanium Corporation can deliver value to the customer.

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