Removing both carpet and carpet glue can be a daunting task. The problem compounds when the first carpet installed used a solvent-based adhesive that left color impregnated into the terrazzo surface. However, we accomplished this task for more than 8,000 feet of flooring at a major public university.

The job began with carpet removal, followed by removing glue with branded SilTanium chemicals. Following adequate dwell time, we hand-scraped the glue from the surface. After cleaning the floors, the process of honing and polishing began. We hand-polished edges and repaired areas of broken terrazzo and threshold with high-psi concrete overlayment that also was hand-polished. After polishing all floors to an 800-grit resin bond level, we applied two coats of SentryGuard and used Diamond pads to burnish to a high shine. When we tested the floors with a Bot 3000e portable digital tribometer, the results were excellent.

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