A major German auto maker in South Carolina hired SilTanium to apply SilTanium Supreme to the vinyl raised floors and ColorBond Supreme in their restrooms in 2017. In August, 2018, more restrooms were added and a complete ColorBond Supreme Warranty Cleaning was completed. The Warranty Cleaning is a deep scrub and extract cleaning. During the process, all blemishes from use are repaired at the same low cleaning price. This also extends the warranty by one-year on the floor coating systems.

These projects further demonstrate the market acceptance of a cleaning / warranty extension vs. competitor companies who charge $3.00 a square foot and more to come in each year and sell a coating maintenance system.

To learn more about the ColorBond Supreme warranty cleaning for tile and grout, contact your sales and service representative. If you do not yet have a representative, please call 770.387.2728 or email [email protected].